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Sunday, August 29, 2010


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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The beginning : uzumaki naruto

It all begins in the hidden village of konoha. Where twelve years from now was attacked by the nine tail demon fox. The nine tail fox would create tsunami and flatten mountains with just just waiving tail. In the depth of the midnight would the demon fox wave its fang. Against this beast stood the shinobi of the village. its fierce power could stood no shinobi except one shinobi known as the Hokage, who rode upon the frog gamabunta. He would cast a spell so powerfull (forbidden sectret justu) that he gives up his own life to seal the demon fox in a newly born child, who was named uzumaki naruto. and so begins the story of uzumaki naruto and his quest towards becoming his dream , a hokage , the most powerful shinobi of the village. He was an hated by the villagers ,and always showed a cold heart towards him , so in order to grab others attention and being recognized he would play prangs on others. he acts as an comic character in the story. after being failed three years in the academy , he yet fails in his test of transformation.but he told by his senior chunin mizuki that he can pass the scroll if performed a justu from the forbidden scroll .he wants to prove himself so much that he steals the scroll and learns the first justu shadow clone justu a thousand times. the shinobi are terorized on finding that the scroll is stolen by naruto and he might use it to open the seal that held the deamon fox with in him. they search for him and is finally found by iruka . but mizuki arrives at the scene and tells naruto to give him the scroll.and even attacks himbut iruka protects him with his life. ultimately mizuki tells naruto why he was so hated in the village,and that he had the demon fox with in him. but as mizuki was trying to kill iruka naruto use the shadow clone justu which he practised a thousand times and makes thousand shadow clones and defeats mizuki. after seeing this iruka gives naruto the head band proving him to be a genin. and so begins his quest with his teammates sakura and saskue, and his new teacher kakashi.


The Chunin Exams are a type of test in which a genin is promoted to a chunin on based of their abilities . A step of test are alloted to the genin and if the pass, they will be considered for promotion to Chunin. A genin does not necessarily have to undertake the exam along with their teammates, and can take the exam tim to time.Sakura Haruno became a chunin from genin even after their team mate naruto(genin) and saskue(genin)left the village.A three-stage exam was held in Konohagakure.Genin require skills and judgment to become a Chunin . The test can differ from year to year in different villages.form

The first stage: It is a written test, which includes difficult questions related to different ninja subjects which are beyond a genin level. but few chunin were hidden within the mass to provide a reliable source to cheat off .This test is conducted to checks information gathering and decision-making abilities, because for the genin to pass this stage, cheat without getting caught by the watchful instructors. As such, the instructors place chunin within the mass to provide a reliable source to cheat off of.
The second stage: It is a survability test that conducted to check the abilities of accomplishing a mission and real life survival skills without a sensei. The genin arelocked in the forest of death, in this dangerous training area they survive 5 days without anyones help. each team is given a scroll, heaven scroll or a earth scroll. They are also required to obtain two different scrolls and enter the building in the center of the forest within five days , to advance to the next stage, they have to fight other team to get the scroll.
The final stage: It consists of tournaments , in which the remaining genin who passed the two test are to fight other genin one on one .they are observed by important personal from all over from different countries and council members , they decide if they become a chunin or not.
Genin from all over the shinobi villages gather together twice every year and take the test.chunin exam were done to improve relations between the hidden villages and prevent war between them. Another motive is to attract clients to hire the shinobi who took the exam, to earn money. these tests are very dangerous and in years many genin have even lost their lives. This is usually conducted to show the villages military power. Preliminaries exam may also conduct if the no of shinobi are too many.